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In order to get a better handle on “Wubzzy”, over the weekend I picked up a copy of “Puppies for Dummies“. I figured I would it would be perfect for me because we have a puppy and, well, I’m a… you get the idea. I’m sure by the time I finish this 365 page book, old “Wubzzy” will be ranked among “Best in Show“. There was one training concept that the kids and I found great joy in all weekend.

In order to properly train our little rock star, we are supposed to yell at the objects he finds desirable but is not allowed to have (socks, shoes, carpet, arms, hands, feet, etc.). Yes, you read that correctly. As to not “put a negative focus on our relationship”, you yell at the object and not ultra-sensitive Mr. Wubzzy . From the book:

Get angry at the object, not your puppy. You’re doing the puppy version of telling a child the stove is hot – the focus isn’t on the child’s being bad but on the fact that the object is unsafe for her. Don’t even look at your puppy as you mouth off to the naughty thing. Your neighbors may commit you, but your puppy will love you for it.”

As you can imagine, we had a blast with that all weekend. We kept yelling at anything and everything “Wubzzy” got into. “Bad carpet”, “Bad Sock”, “Bad Foot”, “Bad Arms”. The kids had fun and started yelling at each other by saying “Bad (insert child’s name here)”. One of them even said “Bad Daddy”. Good times.

I’ve decided to carry that concept over into my Monday. So far I have yelled at my laptop (bad email!!), telephone (bad conference call!) and upon getting out of bed (bad back!!). If you too are having a case of the “Mondays” (or a puppy), give it a try. Do it right now…

Bad Blog!!!! Bad Post!!!!

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