Painful Prayers

As we enter this week that means so much to the Christian faith, I thought this clip by Mark Driscoll would help set the stage. I have posted this clip multiple times, but it is for no other reason than I need the reminder myself. How do you pray in the painful times? How do you pray when it just doesn’t seem to make sense? How do you pray when you are troubled? Maybe this clip will help us all in those times.

“Don’t get me out of it…get me through it”

2 thoughts on “Painful Prayers

  1. Awesome… Mark Driscoll is one of those teachers that “tells it like it is” even when it’s tough to chew on. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Driscoll has influenced my faith more than any single person I can point to. His style is exactly what I need to drill home the points he is often making. Glad you liked it. This particular clip is one of my favorites.

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