Last year I was preparing a post for Good Friday and ended up having one of “those moments”. The intention was to post a picture of the cross and the song below. Once the post was completed, I clicked play and just looked at the picture. I will never forget it. What happened in that moment was my own personal and real Good Friday service. I was literally weeping as I looked at the image of the cross and heard Mandisa sing “not guilty”. Later that evening I attended a Good Friday service and, with all due respect to those that worked hard to put it together, left feeling like it didn’t compare to my experience earlier that day.

I guess my point is that Good Friday is not a world holiday. It should not be just another appointment on our busy calendar. It’s not about “the show” that the choir, Pastor or local church will perform that night. Good Friday is about a personal examination and reflection into one’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Good Friday is pausing for just a moment to realize that our debt was beyond anything we could pay. One event, one moment, one man wiped the slate clean. Good Friday reminds us that we are “Not Guilty”.