Inuit Dog chained
Image by CheshireCat@TO via Flickr

We continue to accumulate tools to help our new puppy “Wubzzy” acclimate himself to our world and home. I never realized how high maintenance a puppy is, but hopefully all of the purchases are working towards a common goal. The most recent acquisition is a chain with one of those corkscrew bases so he has freedom to roam the yard…but not too much. This purchase was born out of necessity. It seems that Mr. Wubzzy enjoys eating just about everything in the backyard. This would include mulch, grass and most recently pine needles. None of which can be good for him.

So I took the advice of Puppies for Dummies and purchased a chain. I was observing him with his new chain today and had a rather interesting revelation. As soon as Wubzzy is anchored in, he goes to the farthest reaches of the chain. He immediately goes to where the chain is stretched to capacity and sits there. With a majority of the backyard at his disposal, he goes to the very edge and pretty much becomes immobile. While he has enough room to be free, run and roll around if he would get back to the center, he stays on the farthest edge…paralyzed.

Are you getting the same vision I got? I sat there thinking how this is a picture of my faith. I run to the edge, leaving no margin and become paralyzed by it. While I could easily stay within the boundaries and have freedom, I’m out on the edge with the chain pulling at my neck. Maybe Wubzzy will actually teach me more than I am teaching him.

I’m just sayin….

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