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Much has been made this season about the fall from grace of my beloved Tar Heels. I’m okay with that. One reason is that until Monday night when they crown a new champion, North Carolina is still NCAA Champ. The Tar Heels have also been the punchline of many jokes this season. It’s all a part of being the best. When you fall they will line up to point it out.

Tonight the Tar Heels will play Dayton for the NIT Championship. You know the “Not In Tournament”? The one that wins can lay claim to “We’re number 67”! Like I said on twitter earlier today, it’s feels kind of like when you take a walk in softball. It’s helpful, but just not the way it was meant to be. All that to say that I’m proud of my Heels. They could have mailed it in or worse yet, decline the invite to the NIT (which many recommended they do). They have actually won 7 of 9 and 4 in a row. They have also won all but one of those games on the road in hostile environments. It is all going to help next season when they return to “Elite” status.

I’m sure that Coach Williams was proud to see all three of his prized prospects play in last nights McDonalds All-American game. He was probably even happier to see the top prospect in the nation, Harrison Barnes receive the co-MVP for his efforts. These three guys will be just what the doctor ordered for this team next year. Count on that. However the clip below most likely caused Coach Williams to make a quick call to Reggie Bullock today.

About halfway through the clip below, Reggie Bullock pretty well calls out the entire Duke team (current and future). While I love the trash talking, this was probably not the best move before ever stepping on campus. Reggie will learn that this game and rivalry really need no introduction or buildup. This video is sure to make the rounds in Cameron Indoor and all over campus prior to their game next year. It’s safe to say that Reggie better bring his A, B and C games to Duke next year because they will be all over him. Again, I love the spirit, but wow…

So the Heels will play for the NIT tonight and I’m proud of them. They could become the first team in NCAA history to win the NCAA title and NIT title in back-to-back years. Something I’m sure they weren’t looking for but a championship nonetheless. We’ll probably still hear the jokes all summer but I can take them in stride knowing that we’ll be back on top next year.


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