On Saturday morning my wife and I will all toe the starting line for the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee. We originally signed up for this race as a way to connect with our friends at Thomas Nelson and specifically, Dave Schroeder. As the weeks and months leading up to race have come and gone, the list of people running or attending the race continues to grow. With every name, the excitement and anticipation of this weekend builds to a fever pitch. Some of these names may not mean much to those reading this, but to me, they all represent friendship and admiration. The people we will meet in Nashville are CEO’s, Publishers, Artists, Authors, family and friends. I told Heather yesterday that it was going to be tough for me to focus on running when there were so many people I wanted to meet. Check it out:

Dave Schroeder (friend and Thomas Nelson)

Matt and Rachel Wojnarowski – Friends from Columbus, Ohio

Jeff Korbini – Friend from Columbus, Ohio

TobyMac – Christian Artist

Michael Hyatt – CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers

Lindsey Nobles – Director of Corporate Communications, Thomas Nelson Publishers

Heath and Lori Issacs Mahon – Twitter friends and fellow Tar Heel Lovers

Matt and Susan Manes – Friends and partners at Buzzplant

Pete WilsonPastor at Cross Point Church and Author of soon to be released book “Plan B”

This is just a sampling of those that will be either running or cheering us on this Saturday (if I forgot someone please let me know). I am honestly humbled and amazed as I look at this list and think of the way that God has connected the dots in each connection. Amazing. There is no way that I could draw this up on my own. I would certainly screw it up. The 13.1 miles are more of a distraction at this point but are the conduit to bring so many people together. It will be a weekend to remember!

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