This has become a bit of a custom of mine the last year or so. Without further ado, I give you the music which will be ringing through my ears as I run the streets of Nashville this weekend for the Country Music Half Marathon. I decided to mix it up a bit for this one. I actually finished this playlist about a month ago, but since I have been listening to it throughout my training, I got a little tired of it. Today I did something I don’t normally do and changed it up without previewing it first. This could get scary.

It might sound crazy, but more times than not, the song pumping through my headset gets me through another half mile. More than once I have been about ready to quit and a song comes on that gets me through the “wall”. So blindly adding some tunes without “road testing” them is something I don’t usually do. I also try to add in a little something for the city I am running in. I went with a little country (Kenny Chesney), a little Southern Voice (Tim McGraw) and some Tennessee Line by Daughtry. After Monday’s video, I went a little heavy on the TobyMac too. It was the least I could do.

Other songs are included to remind me of my family. Some of these are personal others just flat out rock. By far my favorite track on this playlist is “More” by Usher. It lifts my pace every single time. I might have to have it on repeat for miles 10 – 13. Add it all together and you’ve got my playlist for the Country Music Half Marathon. Enjoy!

By the way – I usually put this on shuffle so these are in no particular order. Adds to the element of surprise.