I was going through email recently and found that our friend Matt Wojnarowski has set up a twitter account (follow him here). As I was going through my version of the morning paper (Google Reader), I read a great post by Lindsey Nobles regarding being an extrovert. All of this reminded me to do a post I have been meaning to get to for a while now. I might as well have called it “Why I use twitter”.

The first time someone introduced me to twitter, I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of. “Who does that” I thought to myself. Apparently a whole bunch of people “does that”. Twitter has exploded and is quickly becoming the source in which people get their news. For me personally, twitter has become my water cooler and cubicle world. When I am not traveling the United States or at our headquarters in Indianapolis, a majority of my time is spent in a home office. While Wubzzy is a great companion, he doesn’t quite offer the interaction that most people get at work each day. Twitter, for me, fills a void. It is my contact with the outside world.

A funny thing happened over the course of using this tool….I have found a community. We are wired for community. It is the way God built us and intended. We’re called to do life together. Through twitter, I have made lasting relationships that I appreciate more than I often say. John Ortberg once said:

“You can tell a lot about a person if you know what they think about when they’re just sitting around”

Those that follow me on twitter can probably tell a lot about me because I usually post those thoughts that come to mind while just sitting around. For these reasons, I am very thankful for twitter. My office hours would be pretty lonely without it.

Your turn: Where do you go for community and connections?