About 2 weeks ago, I was one of the crazy 500 people that crashed the servers at Thomas Nelson in anticipation of getting a copy of the book “Plan B” by Pete Wilson. Thankfully I made it through the server crash and received a copy about a week ago. While I can’t do a review until next week (Plan B hits the streets on May 4th), this book has been hitting me hard. Let me say this, go pre-order your copy today….after your finish reading this post of course.

As I read the chapter called “Darkness” (Chapter 8), I couldn’t help but think of so many people and so many scenarios that I know of right now. So many times when we can’t help but think “it’s not supposed to go like that”. So many stories of hurt, pain, struggle and what we think is just not right. From the book:

We’re called to be faithful to God even when it seems he hasn’t been faithful to us.

We’re called to love him even when we feel abandoned.

We’re called to look for him even in the midst of the darkness.

We’re called to worship him even through our tears.

As I read that last sentence, something just rang out to me. “Even through our tears”. For as many stories of struggle that I know, I bet I can match up as many where God has been faithful and they worshiped even through their tears. For each situation I just can’t get my head around, there is another story of restoration and grace. In each situation, I am inspired how they have worshiped even through their tears. Lord I know the struggles will come and when they do, may I worship you…

Even through tears.

*Plan B by Pete Wilson is available from Thomas Nelson May 4th