With 3 children and a dog in his “terrible two’s” it’s not often that my wife and I get to sit down and enjoy a whole lot of television. Honestly, we have become more like Mike and Carol Brady (thanks Matt) ever since we discovered Booksneeze. We’re much more likely to retire to read our books from Thomas Nelson at night than watch the “idiot box” television. But every now and then, it just has to happen. That being said, there’s a BIG week come up on the few shows that we follow. So here’s my bold predictions.

The Celebrity Apprentice

It’s down to Holly Robinson Peete and Bret Michaels. I never would have given Bret Michaels much of a chance in this thing, but somehow he has flown under the radar and made it to the final. Based on last weeks episode, I would say he’s in big trouble on the final challenge. That could also be creative editing. My pick here comes down to personal preference. Holly Robinson Peete has somewhat annoyed me this entire series. Bret Michaels has been through much the past few weeks. While I admire Holly’s dedication to her son and her charity (autism), I’m going with the sentimental win here and calling Bret Michaels.

American Idol

To me this was a no brainer the entire season. Actually, I thought they should have voted everyone but Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox off about 6 weeks ago and just let them go head-t0-head each week. We could have scored it and voted at the end. It would have been much more entertaining. Since I am still bitter about Daughtry getting the early boot (where’s Taylor Hicks now?), I watched waiting for someone to pull the upset. Thankfully the final two are the best two. There is really no loser here. I know Crystal is an Ohio girl, but I’m going with DeWyze. He has turned several songs into his own and his rendition of “Hallelujah” was incredible. Can’t wait to hear his first CD….and Crystals.

YOUR TURN. Who wins the finales next week?