This is the incredible testimony of Christopher Coleman. He was pronounced dead at birth, but somehow survived. He was alive, but his prognosis was grim. While his twin sister, Christal, seemed fine, Christopher had gone for at least 15 minutes without breathing and had undoubtedly suffered extensive brain damage. Doctors diagnosed him with cerebral palsy and concluded that he would never walk, talk, move or even think for himself.

Christopher’s father took one look at his frail son and walked out of the hospital and away from his 10-year marriage. Linda Coleman and her seven children were on their own. In an incredible video you simply must see, Christopher gives his testimony to several audiences. From the video:

I said “God, you want me to do what? Are you out of your mind? Just look at me! Look at my hands, look at my feet, I can’t do a lot, just look at me. Then God said –

I don’t have to look at you…I made you. I made your hands. I made your voice. I made your feet. I made you exactly the way you are”

“When I tour all over the country, I realized that I am not the only one in a wheelchair. Matter of fact, I am not the only one in this room in a wheelchair. We all have something that becomes something that holds us back from really doing what God has called us to do. Now I don’t know what that wheelchair is, but I guarantee you know in your heart what that wheelchair is. But I’m here to tell you. I’m here to testify that you don’t have to be confined to that wheelchair. Just like I got out of mine, you can get out of yours too.”

This video rocked my world. He is spot on when he says that we all have a wheelchair isn’t he? I know I have several. Each one contributing to living a confined life. Chris’s story is an inspiration to us all to not be confined and to trust that God made us. God knows us. God doesn’t want us confined.