For reasons I am not really sure of, I live blogged the entire Game 3 of the Celtics and Lakers game tonight. I was a lot of fun for about 2 quarters. Then I was wishing I would have not committed to it. If you’re into reading old game highlights and the random commentary that runs through my mind during a game, you can do so below.

1st Quarter –

Late getting started but here we go…

  • We just had an Adam Morrison sighting at the 4:00 minute mark.
  • I think we should have Scalabrini and Morrison go one on one to decide this thing. Like a shootout in the NHL
  • Awesome to see the guys getting commercials. Great guys.
  • Garnett has been the focus for the Celtics so far. Answering the call.
  • This is how the Celtics are where they are – a different star each night.
  • Did Rondo just hit the side of the backboard with a “3”? There’s hope for me after all.
  • Based on all of the stuff that Rondo is wearing on his legs, he should have just kept his warm-up pants on.
  • Big Baby just hit the side of the board too. I might have a shot in the NBA.
  • Tony Allen refuses to shoot a jumper. Attacks the rim every time. Might be afraid he’ll hit the side of the backboard too.
  • Celtics have as many free throw makes as I do in the first quarter.
  • Good foul with .7 left in the quarter ‘Sheed. I swear he never went to UNC.
  • End of the first quarter Lakers 26 – Celtics 17

2nd Quarter –

  • Had to move to the “Man Cave/Kids room” in the basement. Bigger TV and it’s about 20 degrees cooler.
  • Nate Robinson hit one jumper and just tried a “heat check”. Nope..not hot.
  • Khloe Karashian’s husband has 8 points off the bench already.
  • Another “Heat Check” shot by Robinson…nope, still not hot.
  • How is it that KC Jones looks younger than Doctor J?
  • I’ve seen it all. Gasol just tried a “teardrop” in the lane. Tried being the key word.
  • Rondo makes it look too easy. Wasn’t there talk of trading him before the season started?
  • Kobe just threw an alley to Gasol. There’s something you won’t see twice.
  • The sensor has been quick on the trigger. There weren’t this many bleeps in the MTV Music awards the other night.
  • Interesting how they just said that the best player on the team shouldn’t be the most well liked. You listening Lebron?
  • Also just “witnessed” Kobe coaching teammates in the huddle. You watchin’ Lebron?
  • Wish I had a “Cuss Jar” just for Kevin Garnett every game.
  • Kobe is starting to heat up. Good thing because Luke Walton’s on the court too.
  • End of first half – Lakers 52 – Celtics 40

3rd Quarter

  • So far it looks like Doc Rivers had the better halftime speech.
  • This game is so exciting that I started surfing the web and can’t even tell you the score right now.
  • I really fell asleep at the wheel here in the 3rd. No much to say. Same – same
  • I have as many field goals as Ray Allen so far in this game.
  • In all seriousness, Ray Allen is one of the nicest people I have ever met (true story).
  • I just hurt my back on that name I dropped.
  • A Tony Allen jumper was just seen at the 2:40 mark of the 3rd quarter. He missed it.
  • Next play Tony Allen drove to the basket. It’s not rocket science how to defend him.
  • Rasheed Wallace just made a bucket in the paint. I don’t think he’s seen the paint since he was at UNC.
  • End of the 3rd Quarter. Lakers – 67 Celtics 61

4th Quarter

  • I think I lost my way in the 3rd Quarter when Van Gundy started talking about getting beat up as a kid on the playground. What was that all about?
  • Imagine what kind of player Big Baby could be if he dropped about 100 L B’s
  • Celtics fans going to the “BS” chant. Nice. Way to act like you’ve been there Celtic fan.
  • Big Baby just took Khloe Kardashian’s husband to the rack. How is that possible?
  • Down to a one point game. Must be because the fans went to that cussing chant.
  • “Ball Don’t Lie”. That was not a foul on Big Baby there. Dude just missed a layup.
  • Big Baby is like that guy that you play with at the YMCA that never gets hurt, but hurts everyone around him.
  • Artest just made up for the horrible 3 pointer with a big defensive play.
  • Derek Fisher and Big Baby are deciding this game. Who knew?
  • 3 minutes left and good guy Ray Allen and I are still tied for field goals in this game.
  • You know it’s going to come down to Kobe hitting the winner. Calling it with 2:14 left.
  • Fisher got HAMMERED on that layup. I mean HAMMERED.
  • Ray Allen still wearing the donut from the field.
  • My “Garnett Cuss Jar” just got a hefty contribution after that offensive foul call.
  • Looks like Paul “The Truth” Pierce told a lie when he said they weren’t going back to LA.
  • Kobe didn’t need to knock in the game winner because they are up by 9. It makes my prediction null and void.
  • Ray Allen and I end up tied for field goals tonight.
  • Final Score – Lakers 91 Celtics 84.