13 Years!

Below is just a quick sampling of our 13 year journey. To my bride I say “thank you”. Words cannot express my appreciation for your love, your grace, your understanding and your support. As Montgomery Gentry once sang..”Lord knows I’m a lucky man”.

  • 1 apartment
  • 1 townhouse
  • 2 different houses
  • 10 different vehicles
  • 4 different jobs
  • 3 amazing children
  • 2 different dogs
  • Countless fish
  • 1 marathon together
  • 8 half marathons together
  • Countless dreams and memories
  • Countless grace, understanding, patience and support

Happy 13th Anniversary to my lovely bride. After all these years, you are still the grace of my life……

Grace of My Life – by Brian Litrell

5 thoughts on “13 Years!

  1. Congratulations to you guys! Many you enjoy your anniversary and may God continue to bless your marriage!

  2. Ryan – Thanks my man. I remember our Friday game nights B.K. (Before Kids) with you and Nicole when we first moved here that were great for our marriage. Hope they were for yours too. We need to do that again sometime soon!

    To my bride – How long do you plan on living? 10 more times would be like 130 years or something. I’m up for it if you are but I think Wubzzy has taken a few years off of that time table already.

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