This probably falls under “Too Much Information”, but I have got some ugly feet. I mean my dogs won’t be winning any “best of show” anytime soon. Part of it is that they are built like Fred Flintstones and the other part is the byproduct of running and half marathons. On one foot I have 3 purple toenails which will eventually fall off and be back to normal again. But “normal” for me is a very relative term. Truth is I hate this time of year. I’m jealous of all the people with really skinny feet that wear flip flops all day. I actually enjoyed the Crocs craze a few years ago because it hid my puppies but I still got to be part of the summer footwear scene. (I have a point…stick with me….)

In the past, no matter the temperature, I would show up with my anklet socks and running shoes. I felt that keeping my feet comfortable and hidden was somehow making me (and others) happy. I was missing the party though. Not to mention the unattractive sock lines and ghostly white feet this produced. So this summer, I made up my mind to change that. I threw caution and my socks to the wind. I finally started going places in my Nike Soccer Sandals. Funny thing happened….my friends haven’t cared, my feet are comfortable and they have a little color now (beyond the 3 purple toenails). I have a certain freedom I haven’t had in summers past. It’s pretty great actually.

Here’s my point (wow it took a long time to get here). I think my Flintstone Casper White Feet with 3 Purple Toenails are just one thing I try to hide from others. It’s my attempt to be perfect and not show some imperfection. But I bet if we took a feet exit poll, most people I run into in the summer wouldn’t give a rip about my choice of footwear. They are probably more wondering why I don’t go to something lighter and more comfortable like most people do. My attempts to hide an insecurity only result in bringing MORE attention to what I’m trying to hide. Does that even make sense?

This is just one area that I need to stop trying to hide (and a petty one at that). Others are bigger and will be much harder to let go of that imagined control over. There is freedom in doing so. There is a realization that people either won’t care as much as you think they will about (insert insecurity here), or they will care MORE because you were open and willing to share it. I’m not sure it relates to feet and footwear choice, but I bet the farm it relates to much bigger things. Hiding only brings bondage and more fear and more insecurity and more and more and more….

Give it a shot. See if what you’re hiding doesn’t want to finally come out and get some sun too!

YOUR TURN: What is it that you’re hiding and why?