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Random Vacation Shots

It’s been one of the hottest weeks of the year here in OBX (including the hottest day of the summer today). We topped out at triple digits at some point today so the water of the pool and ocean have been just the place to be. We kicked the morning off with a jet ski rental and had a complete blast. Here are some random shots from the week that has been so far.




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  • Bryan · June 25, 2010

    It looks like a great vacation so far. There is just something about the ocean/beach. Okay, I’m jealous…

    Have a wonderful vacation.

  • aaron · June 25, 2010

    Thanks Bryan. No doubt about it. It has been a great escape this week. Long overdue. Monday will be back to the grind but for one week it has been awesome! Thanks again.

  • Rachel Wojnarowski · June 25, 2010

    Thanks for posting!! Looks like it has been great for everyone! Love the pics.

  • aaron · June 25, 2010

    It’s been awesome Rachel. We’re having a great time and are sorry to see it come to an end on Sunday. We’ve got about 1000 more pictures to post too….and a video…..

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