The BEST “Decision”

I have no idea what Lebron will say tonight. I am, however, convinced that it won’t be ANYTHING like the class, the character and the humility that David Robinson showed in his NBA Hall of Fame speech. David talks about real, true and key “decisions” in his life.

He talks about his children

He talks about his wife (unlike Lebron, he has married the mother of his children)

He talks to his Parents

He talks about his friends

He talks about his Pastor

He talks about his Coaches

Most importantly, he talks about Jesus.

When given choices on and off the court, David Robinson made the BEST “Decisions” any man, husband and father can make.

3 thoughts on “The BEST “Decision”

  1. I absolutely love this speech! I’ve seen it several times, and every time it makes me a little bit misty-eyed. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder that David is such an excellent role model for all of us. His example is so encouraging.

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