Son, sit down here for a minute or two. Let’s talk about what happened last night and what that really means in the big picture of your life. Son….there is only one “King”.

You and I both love sports Son. Maybe it’s my fault. Since the time you were born, I have programmed you to follow athletes, teams and sports. I wrapped you in the colors of the Tar Heels and Cavaliers in your bassinet. I clothed you in team colors and we’ve spent many hours breaking down our teams rise and fall. We’ve hung the posters on your walls (and mine). We’ve worn the hats, the jerseys and even the shoes. We have made a significant emotional investment and that is why today, you hurt. “The King” has left your team and this morning you’re mad. Son, there is only one King and he won’t leave you or forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5)

Son, “the king” that made “the decision” last night was just a man. A very talented man that God has gifted with amazing ability on the basketball court. We’ve both enjoyed watching him do fascinating things. He’s given us great memories and I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. But Son, he is just a man. A human man with free will. No matter how much we hope, he will most likely let us down. There is only one King.

Son, I’ve noticed how many times you do what I do. You want to go where I go, wear what I wear and love what I love. There is no higher honor as your Dad then to know that you feel that way about me. But Son, I too am human. I’ve probably let you down and most likely will again. There is only one King.

Remember that story about the little guy that killed the big giant with a slingshot and stone? His people made him a king too. They danced and shouted his praises. They loved him. He was even “a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22). He rose to great fame and at a high point in his “career” he made a big mistake (2 Samuel 11). He responded by making an even bigger mistake to cover up his bad choice. He failed. He was human too. There is only one King.

The King I keep referring to didn’t play basketball (that I’m aware of). He was, however, perfect. He didn’t promote himself but in the end the people were mad at him too. His “career” was spent doing things that no one can do. He is the one we should most want to be like. He won’t be on the cover of Sports Illustrated or ESPN, but He is who we worship today and will be who we worship when our days on earth are over. Unlike athletes and stars that say they gave everything, He did. He did that so you and I can spend eternity in His presence. We will trade in our team colors and jerseys for a robe that He earned on a hill, not a basketball court. There is only one KING.

I know you can’t see this King, but He is with you. He is with you today as you feel sad about the other king letting you down. He is with you when I disappoint you. He is with you when you make a bad decision like that king David did. He will be with you then and we will be with Him forever.

Son, there is only one King.