On Sunday, July 18th my family and I were invited by the Cleveland Indians to enjoy a game from the Social Media Deck at Progressive Field. The Indians are the first (and only I believe) team in MLB to offer fans this opportunity. The entire game was on the Indians dime and the staff made sure we had everything we needed (including the pre-game press release). We quickly met the other family that was also enjoying the Social Media Deck and got logged in to the free Wi-Fi. Most of you probably saw it on twitter, but we were live twittering comments throughout the entire experience.

No sooner did we get there and settled in, we got to experience a very rare in-the-park home run. It set the tone for an Indians win which completed the sweep of the Detroit Tigers! I would like to thank the Cleveland Indians for this tremendous honor and opportunity. We enjoyed the entire game and chance to be part of the Social Media area. Below are mobile pictures from the entire day. Thanks again Indians!