1 Corinthians 13: 4 says that “Love is Patient….”

Really? I mean, really? Does it have to be? I’ll be really honest and say that one of my spiritual gifts is not patience. I am seriously lacking in this department.

My wife, for example, has the patience of a Saint. If you need an example, we’ve been married 13 years now. That should give you an idea of how patient she is. She’s put up with me for that long. I was good with this whole love chapter thing until I read that (which isn’t saying much since it’s pretty much the first rule of what love is). Patient? Really?

When “Wubzzy” (our 6 month old dog) tears up our house one item at a time?

When our 5 year old says your name over and over and over and over and over and over until you finally answer?

When I don’t get MY way and have to do what is more fun for the kids?

When I want MY time and cannot seem to see that my wife deserves HER time too?

Patient? Really? But what if I don’t want to? Show me someone that has patience!

When God has given me 39 years and 364 days of grace.

When decisions I’ve made and failures I’ve accumulated have ended much better than they could have.

When I’ve been given the blessing of 3 incredible children and a wife that is beyond patient with me.

When I know that God demands an accounting for my sin so He nailed His Son to a tree for it.

Yes, really. Love is patient. You need look no further than the cross for an example.