I take a quick intermission from the Love Chapter posts for this little number. I couldn’t help but post it. I got a great laugh out of it the first time I watched it. The second time I watched it, I got perspective. What you will see as a compilation of highly paid athletes saying and acting like fools. For perspective, we pay these people by buying the tickets and the gear. We enable their behavior by shouting their name and elevating them to “King”. I’m as guilty as anyone.

Then I think of my previous post with families loving children diagnosed with MPS.

I think of people battling cancer, those that have lost the battle and those they leave behind.

I think of those out of work, willing to do almost anything to pay the bills.

I think of the less fortunate that wonder where the next meal will come from

And these are the people we idolize, elevate and call “King”.

Just keeping it real….

*note, there is a cuss word..or two.