I’m wrapping up the Love Chapter series from 1 Corinthians 13 this week and Paul gets on a bit of a roll doesn’t he? The most challenging part is that he sticks that word “Always” in there. From verse 7:

“Always Trusts”

I might be okay with “occasionally” or “sometimes” maybe even “sporadically” but he had to say “always trusts”. That is a big bill to pay. Those are high expectations to live up to. I am pretty cynical by nature so this one is going to be tough to do. I hardly trust anyone, let alone myself. But according to Paul, I am supposed to always trust the ones I love.

Even when things don’t go my way

Even when they fail to do what they said

Even when it doesn’t go as planned

Trust is a big word and requires that I open myself up to a whole lot of possibilities. In order for love to grow, there must be trust. In order for relationships to grow, there must be trust. In order for me, as a person, to grow, there must be trust.