I used to think I was pretty hip on the music scene. Now I’m starting to think I’m hip to be square. For the second time in the last few months, I am about as late as an 8 track on a great band. Even my wife said “I heard them at the Revolve Tour a few years ago…they’re good”.  For those that just woke up from the same music hibernation I have been in, I have two words for you….Hawk Nelson!

Because “The Boy” and I are planning on rocking out with our favorite band “Thousand Foot Krutch” at SonFest on October 2nd, I figured I should familiarize myself with Hawk Nelson too (since they are headlining). I downloaded their last 2 CD’s today and my world is forever changed. Okay, so that’s over the top, but these guys are GREAT. I am totally digging them. A few of their songs rocked my world. One called “I Still Miss You” pretty well broke me up. If you haven’t discovered Hawk Nelson yet, leave this post and go download some of their stuff. Great band. Great music.

“Shaken” by Hawk Nelson