I am the worlds worst contact lens wearer. If there was an award, I would be the Lance Armstrong of that category. I wear them for weeks at a time without ever taking them out. My “rule of thumb” for when to change them is, if they start to hurt, it’s time to change them. I usually go through this pattern where I wear them till they hurt, take them out for a good nights sleep, wear glasses for a day (if necessary) and then pop a new pair in my eye – repeat cycle. Until yesterday….

On Sunday night I got the “hurt” notice from my left eye. I ignored said notice and went to bed with the contacts in. On Monday morning my left eye let me know he wasn’t happy. Watering, red, hurting…not happy. I put on the glasses and went about my day. When I went out to get them mail, I felt like I was looking directly at the sun with a pair of binoculars. It was borderline “Paul on the road to Damascus” blinding light. Brutal. Tuesday was no better, actually worse. So I made the dreaded call to the eye doctor. Upon visiting I found out that I have a nasty little infection which, if left unattended, could have ended with scarring on my cornea and other really bad news.

Here’s the thing, we have markers in our lives. I don’t know about you, but my contacts aren’t the only area of my life where I “wait for it to hurt” before I make necessary changes. This is no way to live. Imagine a life where we follow the instructions (scripture) and didn’t find ourselves in a place where we need healing to get our attention. I’m speaking to myself as much to anyone else. One of these days I might just get this thing right…..