It’s that time of year when every guys email inbox is filled with invitations to join random fantasy football leagues. It wasn’t so long ago that I accepted any and all invitations and had more teams than I could keep track of. I had a great team name too – “CBus Square Pants”. I competed with the best of them. Football, baseball, basketball. Believe it or not, we even drafted an XFL league the one year it was in existence. Then one day I realized it was time for me to retire.

Over the years I have come to realize that I have a SERIOUS obsessive-compulsive problem. When I lock something on my radar, I will go after it 100MPH. I can’t stop thinking about it (thus the obsessive part). It was when I was staying up until 3 in the morning to see the results of 2 teams that were at the bottom of the standings that I knew I had a problem. What can I say…

“my pitcher was going”

Over time I began to realize that my obsession was taking time away from my family. I would hate doing different family things because it was “keeping me from the game” and even if I did go, it was in body only. My mind was on the game or seeing how “my players” performed. This might all sound silly, but at the time, it was a real problem.

Understand that I am not saying fantasy sports are bad. Most guys have a great balance on these things and understand that it really means nothing. My competitive nature and obsessive-compulsive ways wouldn’t allow me to see it that way. Maybe it’s not fantasy sports for you, maybe it’s something else. It’s occupying your time and dominating your thoughts. My advice to you…..kill it (assuming it’s not another human being, that would be illegal). Walk away. Turn it off. Say no. It will be hard at first but when you are free you are free. I’ve still got several things I need to do that with so I am no expert. I am, however, taking them out one at a time.

Your Turn: What Do You Need To Walk Away From?