Early this morning my wife and I were up and out the door to join in with the other crazy folks running in the Columbus Full and Half Marathons. I did my best to recap the days events on the video below. Since I was the guy behind the camera (or iPhone in this case), I didn’t get any footage of my finish of the half marathon. It was a great day. My first four miles were a little rough but I got it going after that and finished with a much better time then I had anticipated (1:53). But that was not the news (or focus) of this day…

As I stated in a previous post, today was about My Wife absolutely shattering a full marathon and our dedication to run this race for Phil Brabbs. Heather ran an incredible 3:57 full marathon time (personal best) and earned the medal she trained so hard to get. Phil was on my mind throughout the race. At one point, there was as sign on the side of the road that simply said “Don’t Let Me Down”. I felt like it was a personal message to remember what and who I was running for. Keep praying for Phil and his entire family. Thanks for joining us and being a part of DomiNATION!