So what if Lebron James is gone. So what if former Tar Heel Danny Green got cut from the Cavaliers yesterday. The show in Cleveland must go on and tonight it made a stop in Columbus, Ohio for a pre-season game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Thanks to the kindness of my good friend “D-Rich”, “the boy” got to be a ball boy for the second year in a row. Last year he was more of a spectator during the game, but this year he was busy-busy! We arrived in time for pre-game shoot around so the boys were able to rebound and chase down stray shots.

From there it was assignments with gathering the players warm-ups and giving them water during time outs. He followed instructions perfectly and even got an up-close view of two of our favorite former Tar Heels, Antawn Jamison and Jawaad Williams.

And the Cavs won!

It will be a long cold winter in Cleveland for the Cavs this year, but for one night, memories were made and “the boy” got to be a part of something we will both remember for a long, long time. Thanks again to “D-Rich”. Go Cavs!

Working The Shoot Around with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson

Picking Up The Laundry

Check out the new point guard in the middle of the Milwaukee Bucks huddle….