I often read the quote “Lord let me heart be broken by the things that break your heart“. Most likely I read them on my iPad while drinking a Diet Coke or a water that I got from our stockpile in the garage. I think about how true that phrase is. Or, like now, I blog about it on my computer through a wireless connection. I do that sitting in an office chair that I’ll probably sit in all day. The office is located in a home that is climate controlled and comfortable. Yep, break my heart Lord…

just don’t make me uncomfortable…

Shame on me….

I don’t say any of the above to brag. I regularly count my blessings and give credit to the One that has provided these things. But I still don’t want to be uncomfortable. I’ve mentioned it before, but Max Lucado has dedicated 100% of the “OutLive Your Life” royalties to the needy. He’s not just saying it, he’s doing it. I read this morning that thanks to that commitment, 29 wells have already been dug! Thank you Max for your dedication to changing this world and in doing so….providing me with a reality check. You continue to be a blessing to all.

Click HERE to help Max reach his goal.