If you visited the blog over the course of the last 24 hours you might have noted that it was going through a bit of a move (more of a transition than normal I guess I should say). I am thrilled to announce today that I am hosted with oqobo.com. Through the course of some internet rabbit trails, I found Oqobo and was inspired by their mission statement. We got in contact with one another and as of this post, I am now hosted through their FaithBase Pro account. They were extremely supportive through the move and I recommend them highly. From their mission statement:

Our response was to create oqobo. Our name, oqobo, loosely translates to ‘of the truth’. Our logo, the winged lion symbolizes the promise of Jesus Christ’s return and the sharing of his message. We chose our name and logo to communicate our mission… to help Christians deliver the truth of God’s love for us as communicated through the life and teachings of Jesus. More specifically, we help Christians deliver their message through the web

In addition, they are currently offering 10 ministries the opportunity to receive 3 years of FaithBase hosting at no charge. If you are currently looking for a hosting site for your church, blog or ministry, take a few minutes and visit the guys at oqobo.com. I’m honored to partner with them and will continue to update you on my experience. It’s been outstanding so far. May God honor their service and commitment to providing this platform.