Being the world traveler that I am, I began to notice a trend in airports that I visited…”Guys With Guitar Cases In Airports“. No matter the city, no matter the time of day, there is ALWAYS a guy carrying a guitar case in the airport. My hypothesis grew into a vision to create the most epic Coffee Table Book in the history of Coffee Table Books. I mean, who doesn’t want a book full of pictures with “Guys With Guitar Cases In Airports” sitting on their coffee table? Honestly.

It will be to Coffee Tables what Purpose Driven Life was to Churches.

It will be EPIC

Imagine the laughs as you gather the family around the coffee table and pour over picture after picture. With the combined efforts of my good friend David Schroeder, our vision is coming into focus. Not only is it started, it is gaining steam. With the help of friends on Twitter, we are starting to gather pictures from all over the United States (I hear that Nashville is like Mecca for Guys With Guitar Cases). We’ve received submissions from fellow road warriors like MochaDad for example. Just this evening we received submissions from Matt and Susan Manes as they made their way through the airport in Detroit.

Now that you have the tips, I send you off to assist in the most epic, most incredible coffee table book ever created. Hey, we’ve even got a website. You can twitter your submissions with a hashtag of #GWGCIA or you can always email them to me. This is your chance to be in on the ground floor of a huge opportunity. Don’t let it fly (get it???) by!

Some of our early photos: