My friend and “Guys With Guitar Cases In Airports” contributor MochaDad has created a blog site to chronicle his journey of learning to play the guitar. That’s a great idea, especially as you look back on the progress and where you’ve come from. I’m not going to set up another blog, but I thought I would throw an occasional update up here for debate and discussion.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, after shopping with my friend Ted, I now have the guitar and I am falling in love with it a little more each day (usually in 30 minute practice sessions). It’s the perfect guitar for me and my skill both today and in the future. I have handed my old Gibson Epiphone down to “the boy” and he is also starting to learn his way around the guitar.

Since I was already pretty versed in playing, I decided to use for my guitar teaching needs. I found a coupon code online and used it for the first month. I started at the very beginning of the lessons just in case there was something I could learn along the way. With my busy schedule and the cost of 30 minute lessons, this is a much better way (for me at least) to learn and get back up to speed.

I’m happy to say I can play several songs (chords that is) and the kids like to hear me play along with popular songs. That is until I find a song that has the dreaded F chord. As of today, I’m stuck right there. My stubby fingers were not built for that chord so it’s going to take some practice and learning. I’ll get there, but it’s frustrating to slow the progress I was making. I still find the practice time therapeutic and enjoyable and look forward to the day when I’m ready to play backup live.

On the journey…one chord at a time….