Wow, this has been quite a day…and it’s not even close to being over yet! Let’s rewind to a few months ago when we decided to revamp the Journey Church Web Site. We knew that this was the new way that people “visit” a church before they ever darken the door of the actual building. We knew it needed to be friendly, informative and provide tools for the user. We built it.

God had bigger plans.

As the months went along, I found some new tools to add to the site like a third party e-giving site, an internal social networking site so church members could share their needs, prayer requests and praises. I built all of this using the same platform that I use for this blog so I was comfortable and familiar with it.

God had bigger plans.

On Monday, The Columbus Dispatch arrived at The Manger to take pictures and possible write an article about this wonderful ministry. This morning that article hit THE FRONT PAGE of the paper and God’s bigger plans begin to blow like the winds of a hurricane. All at once. God’s provision in the web site, the e-giving, the social network and on and on have proved to be timely and just what we needed to respond to what we didn’t even see coming. I twittered it early today, but all involved in this ministry feel…..

like a kite in a hurricane.

Here’s the best part….it’s AWESOME. There are so many days where we just don’t understand Gods plan. Things happen all around us and we want to scream out “WHERE ARE YOU????” We can’t explain the unexplainable and we can’t fix it. We just have to trust. Then there are moments that are like launching a kite in a hurricane where the fingerprints of God are everywhere. They make those “other days” seem worth the fight. They make the moment like no other.

If you’re holding a kite that God has called you to launch. Get it in the air and hold on for all you’ve got.

You’ll be glad you did!