Urban Sledding

Like most of the country, we got hit with our first blast of real winter weather today. It actually provided a great opportunity to stay indoors and relax for a day. The kids waited somewhat patiently, but we couldn’t hold them off forever. They just had to get outside. So we cleared the driveway and discovered a new pastime. We like to call it “Urban Sledding”.

After playing “Traffic Cop” I got a chance to get in the act too.

We didn’t forget about getting our littlest one that push she needed either.

3 thoughts on “Urban Sledding

  1. This is hilarious. 🙂 My boys are super pumped now and begging to do this in our driveway. Not sure if you noticed but we have quite the slope, which my five year old has already pointed out would give him super speeeeeed. 🙂 Thanks hahahaa.

  2. We had great fun. I was most concerned about sledding directly into a road, but thankfully the bad weather had the roads pretty clear of traffic. I have a feeling we’ll do that again!

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