For as difficult as March was, April was “the bomb-dot-com” (to quote TobyMac). We embarked on an insane journey that spilled over into May. We ran 4 Half Marathons in 4 Different Cities in 4 straight weekends. Insane but so, so, so worth every single mile. It all started in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to running we received this special message from none other than TobyMac and my (now) great friend Dave Schroeder.

How about that? Like I said, April was something special!! Here are links to some of the highlights of this very special and memorable month:

Incoming UNC Freshman calls Coach K “A Rat”

A recap of the weekend that was the Nashville Half Marathon.

We looked at a lesson in grace.

I gave my first ever Blog Video Update.

“The Boy” made his travel league pitching debut.

Last but not least, we finally answered the question about The Faith of Tyler Hansbrough.

As if that wasn’t enough, May really rocked too. You’ll have to come back tomorrow for that recap though….