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Rock The Worship Set Vote

Since our Worship Leader Ted has allowed me to stand on stage and play the guitar with him, I have been flooding him with songs I think we should do. Here’s you chance to rock the vote too. Below are just a few of the songs I have sent him. Weigh in on the ones you like. I can’t promise we’ll do any of them at Journey Church sometime soon, but it’s good to know what the people want….

“Overcome” by Jeremy Camp

“Healer” by Hillsong

“Follow You” by Leeland



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  • Ted Williams · January 14, 2011

    OK Aaron, you pulled me in. Since Leeland is probably my favorite Christian band ever, of course, they get my vote. I just love the consistent gospel in what they do and say. They’re the real deal.

  • aaron · January 14, 2011

    Absolutely! What’s funny is I haven’t been a huge fan of theirs until this song. First time I heard it I was hooked. This entire CD is great and the message, as you said is so consistent. I won’t be singing it though…way out of my range (like I have a “range”).

  • clay · January 14, 2011

    Dayton wants Hillsong.

    • aaron · January 14, 2011

      Heather voted for Healer too. It’s a favorite of ours. If I had to chose one of the above, I’d say “Healer” too.

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