Have you ever seen a guy performing on stage with what looks like the spine of a dinosaur on his microphone stand? I always just thought they were trying to be cool by showing all of their guitar picks. I don’t know that I have ever seen one of them lose one and then grab another one from the stock on their microphone. Boy was I wrong.

Yesterday morning I launched a guitar pick while strumming during the worship set at Journey Church. I don’t have a microphone, or a stand so I didn’t have backup picks at the quick and ready. Luckily I had one in my pocket “just in case”. I quickly grabbed it and kept on strumming. The other good thing is that no one was harmed from the shrapnel of my flying pick as it left my hand. It landed harmlessly on the stage between our Worship Leader and I.

Otherwise the morning worship set went off without a hitch. I am so honored to work with incredibly talented musicians on Sunday mornings. You would be amazed at how quick and easy the rehearsal is just prior to the start of worship. We sang the following:

Jesus Come – Written and produced by our Worship Leader Ted.

Follow You – Leeland

Your Name – Paul Baloche

Fairest Lord Jesus

How about you? What’d they sing where you worshipped?