I read the most interesting article today about Small Groups. It was entitled “Why Churches Should Euthanize Small Groups“. It really gave me some things to think about. Take a moment and go read the article for yourself (the link above will open a new window), the blog will be here when you get back…

Interesting isn’t it? Some very strong language and concepts with regard to Small Groups. I have to be really honest and admit that I agreed with a great majority of that article. Especially when I think back of all of the Small Groups that I have been a part of (either leading or attending). There is an element or two of his suggestion that is very, very true. I mean no disrespect to any of the groups I’ve been in. We have shared, prayed and cared for one another. But there is something he mentioned that jumped out at me.

It just happened, naturally and spontaneously.

As I thought back over the groups I have been a part of, the one that stood out to me the most was the one that happened…naturally. We were all young members of a brand new church plant. We were all newly married and most expecting our first child. I remember praying together as each one was nearing their due date. I remember sitting in a hospital together as one of the pregnancies went through some dark waters (and eventually delivered a healthy baby). It all happened and it happened naturally and spontaneously. That group was amazing.

I’ve been in other groups that were put together by geography or other reasons and while they were good, they didn’t match that one several years ago. I’m not ranking them, but my greater point here is that I too believe that Small Groups are formed by a group of people sharing a commonality. It grows into real relationships which then produce real discipleship. It might just be how Small Groups are made…

How was the best group you’ve ever been a part of formed?