Tonight’s the big night…It’s time to announce the winner in my “Crazy Love” giveaway for the new Hawk Nelson CD…appropriately called…”Crazy Love”. This was, by far, the highest traffic giveaway I have ever done. That is 99.9% (the rest might have been human error and had nothing to do with me) because of Hawk Nelson and their incredible following. This CD is only going to grow that fan base and make those that are already fans of this band that much stronger. It is one of their best. I’ve been listening to it for about a week now and can’t say it enough. Great, great CD.

A couple of quick thank you’s before we get to the video. First off, thanks to the guys at Hawk Nelson for the CD and for allowing me to do this. Second, a BIG thank you to my friend Lori at Overture-Media for working with me to make it all happen. Next, a big thank you to all of you that commented and shared with all of us who you “Crazy Love”. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each comment this week. Good to know that love still exists and means something!! Lastly, thanks to my three awesome kids for helping with the high quality production that was the drawing. I mean this was real, real high tech stuff.

You ready?

Click play to see the top 3 finalists and..the winner…