Last night at dinner, my wife asked a GREAT question. Before I get to her question, let me give you some background information. My wife listens to music “recreationally”. In other words, if it is on she will listen to it, but she doesn’t need music to be on to complete whatever task she is working on (driving, running, working around the house). I on the other hand need music to be on at all times. Music is like a soundtrack for my life. I can give you specific things I was doing when I hear a song, or tell you what song was on during specific moments in my life (it’s a sickness really). Now her question:

What makes a great song? Is it the lyrics or the beat?

What do you think? I gave her my answer using an analogy. Here’s what I said…

Songs are kind of like dating, the beat catches your eye (ear) the lyrics make you continue to build a relationship with the song (date). I can’t count how many times I have heard a song and then one day really LISTENED to the song. I listen to a song when I put meaning behind the lyrics. I connect with the song and not just the beat or melody. I had a boss that once called music “chewing gum for the ears”. He didn’t listen to music, he heard it.

So how about it…What makes a great song?