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Soul Surfer Preview


Last night, my lovely bride and I had the blessing of seeing an advanced screening of the movie “Soul Surfer” which is due to be released on April 8th. As to not give away parts of the movie, let me just say that it was a wonderful film. Based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage surfer that loses her arm in an attack by a shark, this film will inspire and move you. I count it such a blessing to have had the opportunity to see it and HIGHLY recommend you plan on seeing it as well.

Some of the most powerful themes of this film are the love of the Hamilton family, strength and determination of Bethany, faith, and finding your purpose in the midst of tragedy. You will connect with many aspects and it is “family friendly” with not a single cuss word. My guess is the PG rating is for the nature of the shark attack. Even that part of the movie is handled very well in terms of minimal violence and graphic scenes. The film makers did a great job of allowing the viewer to form their own conclusions while still covering this part of the story.

This is not a low rate film. I don’t know what the budget was to create it, but I never felt like it was made poorly or that they spared expenses putting together an inspirational family film. If movies like this can be made, we need to do what we can to support them. Again, I am saving a majority of my review for closer to launch date of the film. This was just a heads up to get that date marked on your calendars. This is a movie you will want to see and be glad you did.

I know I am….


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  • Susan Manes · February 9, 2011

    I agree completely, Aaron. I’m so glad you both enjoyed the movie and appreciate this post a lot! I too think it’s a movie everyone should see & support–I’ve already got the youth girls in our church attending with me on opening night, I’m excited to see it again. :-)

    • aaron · February 9, 2011

      Thanks Susan. It was so good. I agree that I can’t wait to see it again. We weren’t allowed to have cell phones in the preview or otherwise there would have been many a tweet with great quotes from the movie. My memory isn’t good enough to remember them after the film. Thanks for the opportunity. We all really enjoyed it.

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