So I’ve been talking about the Rock and Worship Roadshow for several months now. I’ve been talking about Thousand Foot Krutch even longer. Little did I know when “the boy” and I left for Dayton what the evening had in store. Once we arrived at the Nutter Center, thanks to our shirts we jumped the line and quickly found a place to sit. We enjoyed hearing Anthem Lights, Matt Maher, Jars of Clay and The Afters but there was really only two bands we were there to see. MercyMe and Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) didn’t disappoint AT ALL!

I actually thought TFK was much better than when we last saw them at Sonfest in Mount Vernon. They didn’t sing as many songs, but what they sang was great. It was after their set that we received a twitter message from them that they would be at their table after the show and to stop by. We did, then got to hang even longer until the crowd was gone for a personal picture.

Great memories isn’t enough to cover how cool this was for “the boy” and I. They signed his poster and were as gracious and genuine as any band I’ve ever met. Great guys. Great night. They posted this on twitter after we left:!/OfficialTFK/status/35907678320463872

How cool is that? For good measure, we got to meet The Afters as well. This was no doubt an evening to remember.