The great philosophers’ “Kiss” once sang:

“Me and the boys are playing, but we just can’t find the sound”

Last night I joined the rest of the Journey Church Worship team for a time of working through some new songs at a local recording studio. I went into the rehearsal with several things on my mind and heart. After a few hours of working through new worship music for Sunday services and prayer together, I left refreshed and feeling renewed.

And that is my point.

If you’re like me and your family is like mine, time is at a premium. We’re often running to practices, games and other events for our children or our church. We are very intentional about protecting our “family time” when we have a free night. I don’t have any regrets about how involved our kids are in things they are passionate about. I don’t regret taking an interest in what they are interested in. Yet I think I often take too lightly getting a little time away with other friends to be renewed, refreshed and sharpened.

I once heard someone say that Fathers that DON’T get away once in awhile with other friends are actually doing more damage to their family. I’m sure there is a fine line and I would much rather be on the side of “home too often” than the alternative. Yet each time I do find one evening where I get away to be so refreshing. I come home different than how I left….and that is a good thing.

How often do you get away with others?