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Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the day that my Mom took her final breath on earth and entered into the very presence of her King and her Savior. She crossed the finish line. She heard “well done my good and faithful servant”. Any brokenness healed. Any pain now gone. Any spot removed. Any sorrow now joy. I sit here tonight and envision a moment so incredible I can only describe it with one word….


You may think it odd. It feels a bit strange to even type that knowing the hole that is left in my heart. There’s a void that only a Mom can fill. There’s a hurt that only a mothers touch can mend. Yet 365 days later I would describe this moment as “beautiful”? Yes I would.

Because it is.

When I think of her radiance as she is now at the foot of her King, it’s beautiful.

When I think of the lives she brought to Jesus in her time on this earth, it’s beautiful.

When I consider the grace she extended to a Son that needed much of it, it’s beautiful.

It’s the anchor I cling to and the joy I find in our loss. For it is our loss and Heavens gain. I miss you Mom yet I know, you are where you most longed to be and it is nothing short of beautiful.

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  • Bryan · March 4, 2011

    Praying for you and your family, Aaron, during this “Beautiful” time. I love your posts, your always so encouraging. I pray for the grace, peace, and joy you embrace when it comes time for my parents to cross that finish line…

    • aaron · March 4, 2011

      Thank you Bryan. Appreciate your support and encouragement as well. I have been following your transformation of your home (literally and figuratively ) as well. I don’t know that we can ever be prepared for the loss of our parents, but it is bitter sweet when we can know they are in Heaven.

  • Rachel · March 4, 2011

    Perhaps your mom and mine are having lunch together today at the table of the Heavenly Father.

    • aaron · March 5, 2011

      As MercyMe said…I can only imagine. What a peaceful thought.

  • Carl · March 5, 2011

    A truly “beautiful” post, Aaron. My dad passed 5 years ago and I completely understand what you are saying. There will be a family reunion…

    • aaron · March 5, 2011

      Carl my friend… I like the sound of that! Sorry to hear about your father but it sounds like you too are rejoicing in knowing he’s “home”.

  • Lorie · March 5, 2011

    I lost my Grandfather in Oct. of 2006 and it broke my heart. I cried for months wondering asking God how I was going to continue without my rock, the only father I had known and that is when in His still small whisper God told me that He is my Father. He wants me to use Him as my rock. Though my Grandfather, the only earthly father figure I ever had, is gone from the earth he is not gone from my heart and he is standing with my Heavenly Father watching over me every second of every day. Thank you for sharing this word and this song. Praying for you today my friend!

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