Another interesting week for Rob Bell. First off was his 1 hour live interview about “Love Wins” streamed on livestream. That was followed up by the interview below on MSNBC. I have seen both. I watched the livestream and walked away a little unsettled. Again, I’m not here to make conclusions for anyone that might read this. What I really wanted to hear was the truth. I honestly mean this when I say it, but I might have missed it. What I heard was Rob Bell tell great stories and go on long answers that went all the way around the very direct questions. That made me uneasy.

To be fair, I have not read the book. I haven’t ordered the book. When all the hub-bub came out about “The DaVinci Code”, I wanted to read it before I could make any discussion or debate. Like the saying goes, “you should never go into a battle of wits unarmed”. I just know from the 10,000 foot perspective of a 1 hour special and a 6 minute clip on youtube, I don’t feel like I’ve heard the truth (namely Jesus being pretty clear when He said “no one comes to the Father but through me” John 14:6 ). I fear that what I’ve heard so far is if we love and care for other people, God will sort it all out in the end.

The struggle I have with that (again, I haven’t read the book) is what happens when life gets really hard? What happens when those questions come for which there are no answers? What happens when faith, it seems, is the only thing we can cling to? Will love be enough to “win” then? If that is what Rob Bell is stating in his book, I sure hope he’s right.