As a fan of the Tar Heels, obviously Michael Jordan is one of our most cherished icons. In the Tar Heel museum, there is a typed letter to Michael from dook’s coach that wished him well and said they were sorry he wasn’t going to attend there. They said it was the number one requested item when people come to the museum. MJ has done pretty well for himself over the years and this clip is funny to see. Several thoughts after the jump…

First of all, how about that ATV thing he was messing with? It’s no doubt his and no doubt expensive.

Second, MJ is still so competitive he won’t even let Harrison Barnes wear Kobe’s model of Nike? Ever the competitor

Third, I love that he challenged them on their recent loss to you-know-who. Mike’s no dummy. It’s that fire that drove him.

Forth, before you call the NCAA for violations on getting free stuff, The Jordan Brand supplies the team with gear, shoes and uniforms.

Fifth, I can’t get over how much MJ looks like his Dad now.

Sixth, I would love to be a fly on the wall for the conversation with Coach K.

He was probably reminding him about that letter…..