I was discussing my love of the soon-to-be released FM Static CD “My Brain Says Stop But My Heart Says GO!” with my dear friend Lori yesterday. She was kind enough to arrange an interview with FM Static and Thousand Foot Krutch Frontman Trevor McNevan.

For those not familiar with FM Static (yet), 2 of the members of the band are also members of Thousand Foot Krutch (my absolutely favorite band). FM Static is a side project you’re going to want to check out. The new CD drops on April 5th. I’ll be giving a copy away soon so stay tuned. Now for the interview….

AC: Trevor, we’re huge TFK fans. So the question on so many minds is “why FM Static”?  After hearing the tracks I realize it’s a very different sound, is that the main driver?

TM: Yeah, it’s so much fun to have two very separate outlets in two very separate genres of music.  FM started from a bunch of songs I had written that were way too poppy for TFK haha.

AC: How long has FM Static been around?

TM: This will be our 4th record, Steve(TFK drummer) and I have been doing it since 2001.

AC: The first time I heard the CD, I was instantly taken back to the 80’s! Was that a focus for you in making this record?

TM: Yeah, I think there are a lot of 80’s vibes, as well as the 60’s type pop.  Love that stuff, all about nostalgia!

AC: Speaking of the 80’s, who were your major musical influences growing up? Do we hear that in this record?

TM: My first record was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on vinyl.  SO good.  I used to sing it all day long on this little microphone tied to my parents gigantic wooden stereo.  I can’t say that record directly influenced any of this one, but c’mon, isn’t everything influenced by “Thriller”?

AC: Given that this is such a great CD, do you think the popularity of FM Static and TFK will be tough to juggle between the two?

TM: Thanks so much, glad you like it!! The two are very separate, and FM Static is sometimes hard to fit into our busy touring schedule with TFK, but I think the 2 will be fine together, hopefully they’ll play nice.

AC: When you’re writing music, how do you distinguish between what will be an FM Static song and a TFK song?

TM: I think of them so differently, they’re very separated in my mind, so I catalog ideas for them both all of the time, but when sitting down to write, it’s usually focused on one or the other.

AC: Will FM Static be touring anytime soon?

TM: We hope to!  Nothing on the books yet confirmed, but keep checking fmstatic.com for updates!

My Brain Says Stop But My Heart Says Go” drops on April 5th!