I was bouncing around the web the other day and stumbled across this great list from the CEO of Quicken LoansFatHead and owner of the Cleveland CavaliersDan Gilbert. Great advice from a very wise (and wealthy) man.

25 Things I’ve Learned by Dan Gilbert

#25 Comic Sans… If you don’t like it, then don’t frickin’ read it.

#24 Throw a curveball once in a while and your fastball will work WAYYY better.

#23 Silo thinking is poison.

#22 Things aren’t always as they seem…GO DEEEEEEP!!!

#21 The difference between poison and medicine is the dose.

#20 Spreadsheets measure. They do NOT create.

#19 Winning the hard stuff does not make the easy stuff easy.

#18 You don’t choose the cards. Play the ones you have been dealt.

#17 Give what the greedy man won’t and you will get what the greedy man wants.

#16 Write it down.

#15 The one who tells you there is food on your face is your friend.

#14 You now need 5 things to survive… Air, Food, Water, Shelter and Technology

#13 If your ideas are any good, you’re gonna have to shove them down people’s throats.

#12 The price of knowing is too high.

#11 Nothing clarifies like clarity.

#10 You affect the outcome. (If you choose to do so, that is.)

#9 There is always a plan B. Find it.

#8 The answers are easy. Asking the right questions is the hard part.

#7 Melt the “Abominable NO-man” or be frozen forever.

#6 Simplify it and you will be paid a lot of dough.

#5 Building anything great is messy.

#4 You can’t go WRONG doing the RIGHT thing.

#3 What’s the name of the cleaning person? Better find out.

#2 We are in the Downtown Detroit and Cleveland rebuilding business… And business is a-boomin!!!

#1 The words need music.