I’m not sure about you, but I have had just about enough of this rain. I’m not a guy that gets too up or down with the changes in the weather, but this has been an amazing run of precipitation. A few weeks ago I put down some grass seed (which STILL hasn’t started to grow) so I actually welcomed the free watering of the lawn.

Not anymore.

So, in order to break up the madness a bit, I started threads on facebook and twitter yesterday. On facebook, I simply said “Songs about rain…GO”. On twitter, I began quoting lyrics from songs that featured the word “rain”. Before I knew it, both sites were filled with others adding their songs and lyrics. It turned out to be a rather entertaining day. Before I knew it, the rain had stopped and we “made it through the rain” (Barry Manilow).

One friend noted that there is a web site which claims to have 755 songs about rain. Many mentioned “Purple Rain” by Prince as their song. We even had our fair share of “It’s Raining Men“. One thing I found interesting is that as much as we all seem to hate rain, there are plenty of songs and lyrics about it. Looking at the forecast, it’s a good thing.

Keep singing….