If I was to show you my prayer list, right now there are two words fixed at the top.

“open doors”

Seems easy enough right? Oh how I can (and do) complicate those two simple words. I place conditions on them. I blanket it in “if/then” statements and requirements. I want to control exactly how wide the door should be open and the exact conditions of how it should go.

Am I praying for open doors or my will?

Open doors can be a scary thing.

It’s where faith demands application.

It requires the vision to see what they look like

It takes the courage to walk through them.

It means leaving something behind.

It means stepping into the unknown.

If you know me at all, none of the above are very strong for me. Oh, I can talk a good game, but inside those statements scare me to death. I’m finite in my understanding of an infinite God. I’m demanding of what I want and not willing to release the control. For a guy that is not very detail oriented, I seem to want to control and handle each one of them.

So even though “open doors” is at the top of my prayer list, I think I better slide it down a notch or two and replace it with words like “faith”, “surrender”, “obedience” and “releasing control”.