A few years ago my family and I were going through a transition. It was a confusing time and in the time that has passed, we still don’t have a definitive answer what that was all about. It’s been an odd time. I can’t really put a finger on anything of substance so we pretty much gave up trying. It’s kind of like reading a pretty good book and quitting halfway through. I know there’s more to this story. I know the end will be something I don’t want to miss. I am reminded of something a very wise friend once told me during that transition:

When you move a tree, you have to dig it up and really shake all of the dirt out of those roots. It’s hard work. The tree has to let go of all that it’s roots are holding onto. It needs to be moved to a different place where it can again take hold, grow and flourish.

How are your roots? Are you planted where you are? Are you growing and flourishing? Do you ever wonder if you should be planted somewhere else? Ever feel like your stuck between a place where you were once planted and where you will ultimately be planted again? Ever feel like your roots are being shaken?

You’re not alone….

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. -1 Peter 5:6

I love what our Pastor said this morning (find the sermon HERE) regarding “in due time”. He said that “While waiting in due time, declare your dependance and announce your obedience“. Love that. I love the promise of “in due time”. I love knowing that God is aware that some people are hanging in that moment. I love knowing he will lift us up.

I love knowing we’ll be planted again.

Right now he’s just shaking the roots.