A few weeks ago we began to take care of some much needed home improvements around the house. The pace on those repairs and updates has picked up a tick or two the past week due to something I’ll call “a change in perspective”. This “change” has caused us to look at our house in an entirely different light. It caused us to step back and see what others would see if they were looking at it. It is AMAZING what happens when we take a step back and really LOOK at something. We walk the halls of this house every day and don’t see a glaring issue or problem that needs repair. Doors, screens, scratches, landscaping, tile…it’s actually overwhelming when I create a list of things that need repaired or updated.

We are no different.

When was the last time you took a step away from yourself and your faith to see what others see? I’m not preaching here folks, I’m confessing. If I was going to put my “house of faith” on the market, no one would be buying. Especially in “tough economy”. I need my house to be repaired, updated and to be able to stand next to the best of homes.

It needs help.

It needs attention.

It will cost.

Thanks to no jelly between L4 and L5 in my back, I’ve got a great team doing our landscaping and mulch. Because I am more dangerous than good with tools, I’ve got an awesome “handyman” doing great work around our home. Thanks to 3 small children and Wubzzy, we’ve got a team coming through t0 clean the carpets and tile. All of this is ringing up a pretty healthy bill. But getting “right” costs. Getting things in order is not easy, but it’s worth the time, cost and sacrifice.

Again I say, how’s your faith? How is your “house” when you really look at it? Need help? Need attention? Take a step back today and really “look” at what your “house of faith” would look like if you were putting it on the market.

Would anyone buy it?

Would you be proud to show it?